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About the game

Ever since humans lost the great battle for Earth, they've been living on multiple space stations in the solar system. The great battle was started, and won, by the aliens. However, the aliens are trying to take these space stations from the humans too.

Take control of a more-than-ordinary soldier, whose job is to kill all alien life forms inside the space stations. You will come across various types of aliens: wriggling worms; space frogs; mutant lizards; and more!


  • High tension combat
  • Dungeon-esque level generator
  • Beautiful SNES styled art
  • 12 types of alien enemies
  • 5 exciting weapons
  • Catchy sound tracks by Shawn Daley


Alien Battles was developed for about 2 months. It is as of now not being developed any further, and is available as a demo. It contains 1 level and a level generation tool.


Alien Battles for Windows 25 MB
Alien Battles for Mac 28 MB

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