A downloadable game for Windows

Ski Game

Take control of the world famous skier “Slim Downhill” as he tears down the mountains trying to set a new world record with only 3 lives. He must travel along the twisty, dangerous course whilst avoiding snowballs a strange phenomena has occurred called the “horizontal avalanche”, which has launched random snowballs. If he’s hit by one, it takes a life away from him.

Fortunately for Slim, there was an explosion down at the local cheese factory which has showered the mountain with cheese.

The controls for the game are quite simple:
● Arrow keys (up, down, left, right) control your player by choosing which direction to move in.
● N Starts a new game.
● Q Closes down the game application.
● S Saves the current game.
● R Loads the current game.

Read about the development here.


SkiGame.zip 1 MB